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Sustainable Agriculture

Since the inception of GSF sustainable agriculture has been one of the of the main priority area as most of the rural communities are depending upon agriculture and it is their main source of income and survival for their families. Till yet Pakistan is facing major challenges that are directly related to agriculture, climate change, loss of bio-diversity, falling down water tables, water pollution and soil erosion are threat to present and future agricultural productivity and to human health, while hunger is still a problem and the growing population intensifies strains on the food supply.
Agriculture is both part of the problem and part of the solution. Whereas unsustainable agriculture practices have contributed to environmental and social damage over the last 50 to 100 years, traditional and sustainable farming practices can deliver safe and healthy food for all at the same time as enhancing bio-diversity, protecting water and soil quality, and contributing to the mitigation of climate change.
In 1996 GSF established first seed bank for the communities with the support from OXFAM. Since then GSF has been engaged in facilitating communities in regard to sustainable agricultural services. Hence established agriculture service centers, undertake food security program, NRM, established farmers field schools, nurseries, vegetable farms, excavation of water channels, women open school on pesticide hazards, livestock vaccination campaigns, provided series of trainings on techniques of sustainable agricultural practices etc. established farmers cooperative societies, cattle yard, Neem products, farmer field schools IPMs, installation of Pizo meter, food banks, seed banks, farm centers etc. provided tractor implements to the cooperatives, provision of small live stocks & poultry trainings on livestock management etc.