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Social Development & Services (health, education,water & sanitation)

Since the incept of GSF, Social Development program has served as the core program while providing support as pillars Sto the rest of the programmatic areas of GSF, serving communities at grass roots level to bring social change towards sustainable development with special emphasis on gender.

Salient Objective

Enabling communities towards total human development by reducing their vulnerabilities

Social Mobilization Process

GSF envisaged organizing the communities to work for their own development enabling them to responsive to local needs and priorities, GSF use to establish village development committees - VDCs, CBOs, CCBs, CDCs, youth groups (YGs), farmers' groups (FGs), women groups (WGs) etc., strengthening, empowering and their consolidation to solve their problems & issues by themselves. GSF act as making bridge between the communities and support organizations, government departments, funding agencies, academics, financial and research institutes engaged in similar expedition for

Services provided

1. WASH activities with blanket coverage; provision of hand pumps - shallow - deep with extension lines, formation of water tanks, installation of filtration plants, NADI filter, water tankering, establishing water ponds, providing trainings on water quality testing awareness raising activities & trainings on community water supply schemes, sanitation, health & hygiene, construction of toilets, sanitation - drainage schemes etc.
2. Community based infrastructure schemes; construction & rehabilitation of culverts, small bridges, shops, brick pavements, roads, community centers, link roads, foot tracks etc.
3. Formal & informal health facilities including both curative and preventive with OPD facilities (community health centers, mother & child care centers, emergency services - ambulance services vaccinations etc.) awareness raising activities, established Diarrhea treatment centers in Sindh province, free general & eye medical camps, free hepatitis B vaccination etc.
4. Education facilities; establishment of community based schools including buildings / infrastructures for primary, secondary and higher schools, provision of furniture, uniform, school bags, shoes, stationary, books, computer centers, vocational training centers etc. carrying out enrolment campaigns for new admissions, school drop outs and transition children, awareness raising activities with parents, visual basic learning etc.