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Environmental Protection & Climate Change

GSF believes that environment and climate change are directly related and linked to the health of the human beings as due to its reverse impact not only the human beings but all living things have become vulnerable, therefore, addressing these issues cannot be a choice but have become the necessity of the time. Thus, environmental issues have been placed on priority hence are also kept as cross cutting theme so that it can be addressed in all programmatic areas including emergencies disasters etc. Since last year, even in emergencies, GSF has removed 750 acres of debris removal during the early recovery phase, cleaning of canals water supply channels awareness raising programs carrying our various campaigns, tree plantation.
GSF works on improving environmental management through capacity building of communities, mainstreaming environment into the development processes; implementation of innovative solutions for meeting the challenges posed by climate change and sustainable use of natural resources; and advocacy. GSF promotes sustainable use of natural resources and helps CBOs etc. understand and effectively use environmental management strategies for ecosystems, land, water, soil and bio-diversity. GSF also empower grassroots for environmental management. To help mitigate food, water and energy insecurity, GSF facilitate to build resilience to climate change. This is done by contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation interventions, through focus group discussions with women, men and youth. GSF also facilitate communities to mainstream environment in disaster response and establish standard operating procedures for different situations.
In this regard GSF also facilitate the communities to switch and adapt alternate energy resources including solar system and introducing tube wells, hand pumps, lights, fans etc. which are cost effective and environmental friendly.