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Capacity Development - HID

Human and Institutional Development (HID) is one of the organizational goal of GSF as it is envisaged that building human capital is crucial. One of the most important steps towards achieving this goal is to strengthen the capacity of grass root level and non-governmental organizations to promote human capacity development and to contribute towards the establishment of a more equitable and just society. This includes knowledge, skills, and resources for meeting their own needs. Such needs can include censuring food energy security resolving environmental problems, responding to human-health crises, and contributing to economic growth etc.
Thus GSF has established "Learning Home" which aims at enhancing the capabilities and potentialities of social development sector professionals as every human has a talent which needs further tuning and polishing. To be conscious of one's self worth and have cognition of his inner capacity is to rule the world. The HID program implies making professional realize their capability and enable them to march towards professionalism by acquiring certain skills and techniques.
The "Learning home" is unique of its kind in Sukkur with equipped training hall, kitchen and residential facilities. It provides services not only for the trainings and other events organized by Government and Non governmental institutions but also provides residential facility for short term duration.

GSF has expertise and providing trainings on the following themes: