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GSF is governed by the Board of Directors and the members in the BoD are elected by the General Body. GSF general body Gis comprised of intellectuals in their respective fields from civil society organizations, education, agriculture, health and water, economic and social development. The general body meets once in a year for the review of the programs, strategic directions, suggestions and approval of audit and annual progress, and elects the Board of Directors amongst them, after every three years. The BoD elects / nominate / appoint Chief Executive for the routine functions of GSF and CE acts as the representative of BoD thus responsible to execute GSF affairs and reports to the BoD.

Management Structure

GThe CC meets once in a month and all the decision are made in CC or meets as and when required towards meeting GSF’s Goals, planning and review. For the smooth functioning of GSF activities, following interorganizational committees are functional in addition to CC and reports to CC:

  1. Information Committee
  2. Seminar / workshop / training / education committee
  3. Human Resource Committee
  4. Procurement Committee
  5. Grievance, Discipline, Gender and Civil Behavior Committee
  6. Sexual Discrimination & Harassment Committee
  7. Vigilance Committee

Institutional Capacity

GSF has its presence in almost all of Sindh province and has extensive grass root level outreach through its District – Gprojects and field offices. GSF has vast institutional capacity in terms of implementation of different types of projects, managing grants, policy and media advocacy, capacity building of civil society organizations, leadership development, partnership building and networking, DRR/DRM, responding emergencies, health, education, agriculture, human rights, peace building, carrying out research studies and representing civil society organizations at different national and international forums. Despite having vast experience and capacity, GSF considers its outreach and grass roots presence as its maximum strength. GSF has a trained team of experts in all segments which is ultimate strength to execute any type of project smoothly. Alongside with the developmental activities GSF has been providing consultancies to national level firms, NGOs and corporate sector. GSF has a team of professionals in the field of community development as well as humanitarian response with a wide range of experience and technical expertise in multidimensional sectors, and well trained committed volunteers in the communities as well as in the Board who continue to provide guidance and facilitation.

Institutional Policies

GSF is confined to follow its institutional policies including HR & Admin, operations, code of conduct - ethics, gender – sexual harassment, procurement, media, travel, security, complaints handling & responding, career development, grievance settlements, office discipline & decorum, vehicle, office security, evade anti terrorism and financial policies.